DOTA 2 is the Sega Genesis to League Of Legends’ Super Nintendo, the Pepsi to its Coke, they’re rivals, and even though they’re borderline the same thing, ask any fan, and they’re totally different.

It’s made its way onto ESPN and brought e-sports to the public eye, which is very cool, I must say. Even though I don’t play it, any publicity for games that doesn’t have to do with murdering people is good publicity. With over 100 playable character, and only about five that you’ll see in every single game, people spend thousands of hours mastering strategies and builds. It seems a little arbitrary to me, to play a game for that long… just so that you can play it more, a bit like the people who are 10th prestige in Call of Duty a week after the game comes out. Is it really fun at that point, or is it just kind of a chore?

Maybe I’m kind of old-school, I like playing games that have a definitive ending and being able to say “Okay, now I can play another, DIFFERENT game!” If you don’t take my word for how ridiculous it sounds, check out Smosh’s latest Honest Trailer all about DOTA 2.

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