Double Kick Heroes is one of the craziest indie games I’ve seen in a while, and I REALLY wanna play it. Fusing the zombie apocalypse, heavy metal, and rhythm games, it’s a beautiful pixelated metallic romp through an undead wasteland. The music in the trailer alone is awesome, and I can’t wait to hear what the stuff in the actual game is like. This is the kind of game that you want the soundtrack to so you can jam out in the car.

It’s not even out yet and I already know that for a fact.

It’s hitting early access on April 11th, and looks like it’s actually got some serious substance for being somewhat arcade-y. With story segments between rides and dialogue between different members of the band and other survivors, it’s got something for everyone. Not to mention the art in this game is crazy and beautiful, with giant zombie sharks and dinosaurs joining the ranks of regular old zombies. Check out the trailer above and if you can, do it with headphones because the song in it is amazing.


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