Dragon of Legends is a Pixel Art MMORPG Worth Checking Out

When it comes to massively multiplayer online role-playing games, sometimes it’s hard to think past the titles like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. These veritable giants of the genre have engrosses millions, surely, but often draw the ire from the gaming community for being relatively stagnant. There’s always room for new blood in the gaming industry, even in such a competitive genre like the MMORPG

That’s where Dragon of Legends comes in.

A pixel art MMORPG, Dragon of Legends looks to bring the sweeping appeal of the genre on a much more intimate scale. Developed by Thrive Games, Dragon of Legends is currently being pitched through Square Enix Collective, where the developers have garnered much interest for their MMORPG in progress.

Dragon of Legends is built on the familiar foundation of so many MMOs: two factions are locked in a battle for power while unnatural, evil forces attempt to wreak havok on the world. What sets Dragon of Legends apart, however, is that the game is centered more around deep character customization — including a personal history and backstory — than it is simply a quest to keep leveling up.

According to Thrive Games, Dragon of Legends hinges upon an immersive narrative. Instead of generic expository dialogue, Dragon of Legends aims to have player choice mean something, with potential ramifications for every action. This, coupled with the great pixel art, does a good job of setting the title apart from many of its genre contemporaries, even in an early alpha stage.

In keeping with the MMORPG tradition, player-to-player interaction is one of Dragon of Legend’s cruxes. As such, Thrive Games have planned to make cross-platform support available for players on PC, Mac and mobile devices, ensuring that everyone who logs into the game has a unifying experience.

Even in its early stage, it’s clear that Thrive Games have a clear vision for Dragon of Legends. For more information regarding the MMORPG, as well as the option for Square Enix Collective voting, head over to the game’s pitch page.


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