The How to Train Your Dragon franchise is a fantastic animated franchise that may just be the best of its kind. It concluded last week with the release of the series third film in theaters, but you don’t have to walk away from it yet thanks to the arrival of a new video game based on the franchise called Dragons Dawn of New Riders.

Before you dismiss this licensed game as being just another pile of trash based on a popular movie franchise, I caution you to give it a chance, because unlike most games in this genre, it’s actually quite enjoyable to play.

You can check out my full review below in video or scripted form.

“Hey now fans of How to Train Your Dragon, Matt Heywood here to review Dragons Dawn of New Riders, or what I like to call, a pretty solid movie-based video game, which is a feat in and of itself. 

Dragons Dawn of New Riders is a very competent video game companion for the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, and you don’t even play as one of the main characters. Rather, you play as a new Viking named Scribbler, who befriends a Chimeragon named Patch, who has multiple different dragon abilities that help you get past the various environmental puzzle that the game offers.

I actually liked that the main character wasn’t Hiccup, Astrid, or any other Vikings from the main cast, because it allowed the game to feel unique, and not just a crap clone of a movie’s plot. Plus, most of the main Dragon cast is in the game as quest givers, or shop owners, so you still get to interact with familiar faces.

In terms of gameplay, Dawn of New Riders plays very similarly to a top down Zelda game. You must fly to various islands as you try to stop Dragon catchers, and a mysterious girl named Eir. On each island you must first explore an overworld map that is full of treasures to find, and puzzles to solve, as you make your way to the island’s dungeon. 

In the dungeons, you’re faced with more environmental puzzles, treasure to find that include different weapons, and a dragon boss battle. With each dungeon you complete, Patch gains new abilities and size, which in turn open up new ways to solve puzzles using his various powers to do so. 

I wouldn’t call the gameplay life changing, but it’s surprisingly gratifying, and makes for fun little jaunts, especially if you play it on the Switch while you’re out on the go. 

In total you’ll get about six hours of gameplay, maybe 8 if you explore every nook and cranny, so it’s a fairly meaty experience for $39.99. 

Dragons Dawn of New Riders earns an 8 out of 10 review score from Team EB. It’s just one of those rare movie-based games that is actually fun, so if you want a bit of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise in your gaming life, it’s worth picking up. 

Thanks for watching, Matt Heywood here signing off for, where we make you a better geek, one post at a time.”

Review Summary

Story - 8
Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 8
Entertainment Value - 8



Unlike most games that are based on movie or TV franchises, Dawn of New Riders is actually fun to play, and adds a bit of new lore for the How to Train Your Dragon universe.

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