The Warrior

Dragon’s Prophet is a game that features epic gameplay, giant weapons, an immersive world, a housing system, the list goes on and on. But wait, the coolest part? Dragons! That’s right, we said dragons. This game truly lives up to its title, which in recent days seems harder to do, but Dragon’s Prophet smashes that barrier without an issue – blowing gamers away from day one.

With Dragon’s Prophet’s ‘frontier’ system, guild leaders can truly build their own little corner of the realm, starting from stone and dirt and eventually moving to full-scale kingdoms if they wish. While the game’s main focus is fighting, capturing, and taming dragons, the frontier system offers a pleasant reprieve from combat.

The dragons which players capture will shape their character’s ‘life’ throughout Dragon’s Prophet.

Dragon’s Prophet is currently in its Open Beta phase, with a scheduled launch of September 18th, 2013.

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