Drama Shows That Will Toy With Your Emotions


Enough can never be said about the power of television. When you choose to cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a drama once a week, you are becoming submersed into the story and the lives of the characters so intently that you will hardly notice the time passing by. The best television dramas will destroy and play with your emotions so much that you will have no idea what to make of it.

Grey’s Anatomy

Those who watch Grey’s Anatomy know that when it comes to hospital dramas, this one takes the cake. This drama follows the professional and private lives of a hospital’s doctors, in ever-evolving relationships.


One of Showtime’s newest emotional dramas is Shameless. While it first appeared to be a somewhat lighthearted look at a dysfunctional family, it actually shines the light on a very disturbing family situation. Some of the characters are detestable, while others will keep the viewer rooting for them.


When most people think about shows featuring serial killers, their mind does not first flash to ‘emotionally engaging’. The great thing about Dexter is that it’s just that. The viewer bonds to Dexter Morgan and his family, becoming tense about whether or not the dashing forensic expert will be found out.

Six Feet Under

Though it has not been on the air for years, Six Feet Under is still one of the most intriguing and emotional family dramas to grace the airwaves. Following the family of a funeral home owner, this show details all the emotions that accompany loss. This is truly a show about finding meaning in life.

Sons of Anarchy

Yet another emotionally gripping show on TV these days is Sons of Anarchy. This FX show follows members of a biker club through the ups and downs of getting along with each other and coping with loss, vengeance and more.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a show that introduced living room audiences to the world of meth. This drama features one of the most likeable antiheroes in recent times, Walter White. As he tries to provide for his family with an illegal business, audiences are pulled in by the show’s emotional honesty.

Mad Men

Though it is set in the 1960s, Mad Men is as modern a drama as they come. The show has become increasingly dark. The show truly depicts a search for meaning in a world where money and power are up for grabs.


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