DreamBreak is a quirky point-and-click adventure set in an alternative post-Cold War USSR. You play as Eugene, an ordinary man who is suddenly dragged into a world of inexplicable murder, hidden conspiracy, and lethal robots with sharp pincers and unrelenting lasers. Will Eugene make sense of all the nonsense in front of him? Will he learn who is an ally or a foe? Will he collect lots of vinyl records for his listening pleasure? Play DreamBreak to find out!

DreamBreak immediately caught my eye. It’s depicted in a distinctive pixel art style with an amazing color pallet. The cyberpunk city is awe-inspiring and it’s really nice to look at while you play through the game. Using every tool at their disposal, players must help Eugene unravel the mysteries surrounding him and the city. Eugene will race speedy hover bikes to earn sub-culture respect, strive to survive extremely tense shootouts with law enforcers, and is ready to throw down with some 8-bit cowboy co-op action in a ghetto bar.

DreamBreak is incredibly artistic, the music and visuals work well together. It’s almost like an ’80s sci-fi movie!

Though DreamBreak is a game I would recommend to friends and strangers, it does have a few flaws. I found the characters and story line to be a bit mundane. The story never truly piqued my interest, and, after reading quite a few reviews from other players, they weren’t very pumped about it, either. Another flaw I found were the controls, which were incredibly slow and clunky. Even after playing DreamBreak for a few hours, I could never get used to the controls, which made the game less fun.

Lastly: the mini games. The addition of the mini games, such as plumbing puzzles and the 8-bit cowboy game mentioned earlier, were cute at first but became the norm. Fighting throughout the game felt like a mobile game. I’m having a hard time explaining this idea—you’d honestly have to play DreamBreaker to completely understand.

Overall, DreamBreak is an OK game. I would recommend it if you have some spare change and are extremely bored and looking for something to do. The best parts of the game are the visuals, music, and setting. Everything else kind of fails to deliver, which is extremely disappointing.


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Story - 4
Gameplay - 4
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 7.5
Entertainment Value - 5


I am disappointed.

DreamBreak is OK. I found more flaws in the game than I thought I would. Its visuals, along with the music and general setting (dystopian USSR) made it bearable.

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