Drew Brees Madden 11 Cover Boy – When Will He Die?

I think it’s safe to say that the New Orleans Saints have no chance of repeating their championship run from last year.  It has nothing to do with how they’ll perform in 2011.  They may come out and be as sharp as they were last year, but it will only be a matter of time before their star QB falls to injury, or another form of calamity.  How do I know this to be fact?  Easy, Drew Brees has been selected to appear on the cover of Madden 2011.

The Madden curse has struck many superstar football players over the years, and now it’s New Orleans turn to see if the curse will take out their QB.  Just look at what happened to Troy Polamalu last year.  He graced the cover of Madden 2010 and then suffered a season ending knee injury in the first game.  You also have Marshall Faulk, Ray Lewis, Donovan Mcnabb, Vince Young, Shaun Alexander, and of course Michael “Dog Killer” Vick.  All of these dudes were Madden cover boys, and all of them were affected by the curse in some form or fashion.

I’m not really superstitious, but the trend for Madden cover boys is truly disturbing.  Hopefully New Orleans is working on some anti-voodoo juice for Drew, because his chances of having a successful season have been slashed in half now that he has been exposed to the Madden curse.  Sometimes it sucks to be a winner.

You’ve been enlightened…

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