Drink: High ABV Beer From Animal Carcasses

I was sent an article about a rare beer from the Brew Dog brewery in the UK.  In my opinion what makes this beer so rare is not the 55% ABV, it’s the fact that it’s served in a carcass.  Sure 55% ABV is freaking hardcore for a beer, but not as hardcore as drinking out of a dead animal’s mouth.  Brew Dog only made 11 bottles of “The End of History”, and because it is so rare, they retailed anywhere from $800-$1100 depending on which animal was used to house your funky brew.

From the looks of the pictures you know this product isn’t made in the U.S.  If we tried to shove beer bottles into dead squirrel a*sholes PETA would throw a sh*t fit.  God bless the UK, and God bless those crazy drunks who dreamed up boozing out of dead animals!  I’d imaging if you asked someone from the South they’d say drinking out of an animal is almost better than boning them.  You’ve been wondering how the hell they got those bottles in those little guys…

Via [BrewDog by way of a refined alcoholic]


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