Droid X Gets 2.3.340 Upgrade For Blur – Not the Gingerbread Man

I was graciously notified by one of my readers and fellow gadget geeks, that he received the upgrade for the Droid X that all of us have been waiting for since the Froyo upgrade in September.  Please note that this is not Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread.  This is system version 2.3.340, which updates the Motorola Blur interface.  It should fix most of the annoying issues that plagued Droid X users after they upgraded to Froyo such as the .MP3 play back issue, camera issues, and overall performance.

Luckily with this upgrade you don’t have to wait for Verizon to push it to you.  You can initiate the download by going to Settings – About Phone – System Updates.  It should begin downloading once you go through this process.  If not, try turning on your WiFi because that worked fine for me.  The whole process took about 20 minutes, and seemed to go off without a hitch.  I also didn’t see an explosion of bloatware either, which is a nice change of pace from the usual Verizon upgrades.  The only apps that got added were a demo version of Madden 2011(Bonus?), and a Data Usage widget for the home screen.

Overall, I feel like the Droid X is running a little snappier than before, but that could be my head.  I just hope the .mp3 issue is resolved, so I can quit restarting my phone once a week like it’s a Windows PC.  I really do enjoy the Droid X, so if system version 2.3.340 does what it says I should be happy for at least another 4 months, or until the next great thing hits the market.  I have gadget addiction dag nabbit!  If you want all of the official details head on over to this link.  I’ve posted the main update bullet points below.  You’ve been upgraded with some Droooooooid love…

+ Preloaded Madden NFL football game.
+ Preloaded Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1.
+ Preloaded MyVerizon application (v5).
+ Added Data Widget to home panel.
+ Improved Android™ OS Froyo stability .
+ Improvements to Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®:
• Enhancements to corporate email sync and push stop.
• PIN lock timeout now follows the server’s settings.
• Enhancements to SMTP authentication.
+ Improvements to Visual Voice Mail:
• “Failed delivery to” message displays correctly when
messages can’t be sent.
• Audio routes correctly to speaker, even when connected
to a mono Bluetooth® headset.
+ Other improvements:
• Device now supports MP3 media files after MR2 update.
• Music Play now runs smoothly and without lock-ups.
• Weather widget stays with assigned location updates, not
current location.
• “Smart Profile: Face Down” feature will not permanently
disable the phone’s ringer.
• Enhanced audio sync when playing high quality WMV videos.
• Improved video playback.
• Clearer colors assigned to soft keys in applications such as
Google Maps.™

• In the Contacts widget, keyboard now appears when using
“type to search.”
• Eliminated camera “Force Close” errors.
• Device lock remains, even after a long, hard key press.
• Quicker wake-up of display when on a call.

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