I’ve been messing around with my new Droid X since this past Monday, and so far I’m quite pleased with it.  I wrote last week about my reasons for switching to the X from the Incredible, so if you wonder why I flipped Droids please check that out first.  I still have love for the Incredible, but if I can get a new toy for free I’m all over it.  With that being said I’ve found most comparisons between the two Verizon Droids to be pretty much dead on.  When it comes to power and hardware the Droid X by far out shines the Incredible.  Although, when it comes down to the UI, I definitely have to agree with the rest of the crowd on that it’s inferior to HTC’s Sense UI.  The good thing about this is that it’s still a Droid, so if I want the better UI I can surely have it by installing an app like Launcher Pro, or AWD Launcher (Both mimic the sense UI to a “T’ with even more customizations).  I’m gonna be lazy with this review and just list it in bullet form, but you’ll also be able to get a quick feel for my pros and cons of the Droid X.

Droid X Pros

  • Screen size and resolution are much nicer than the Incredible making web surfing and overall screen navigation easier on the eyes

  • Battery life is much better versus the Incredible giving me a full days worth of tooling around without a charge.  I’ve been hammering on my Droid X since receiving it and it can take the battery strain very well.  Quite pleased versus the lacking battery of the Incredible
  • Swype Keyboard is actually quite nice and very innovative.  At first I had no intentions of even enabling it, but after playing with it for a few days I truly see how awesome this feature is.  I’m blown away at how well it interprets my scribbles on the keypad into coherent terms.  Plus, if I don’t need it I can always switch back to the stock keyboard.
  • There’s no memory constraints for apps.  The incredible only allowed something like 700MB for app installs, which isn’t a big deal if apps support SD, but not all apps are configured to do this quite yet.  The Droid X opens up the entire 6+ Gigs of internal storage for apps, which is nice when you have large ones that don’t install to your SD card.
  • HDMI out is nice to know that you have.  Do I see myself ever really using it?  Probably not, but I’d rather have the option than not.  Think about the situation in which your fave NFL team is playing on the NFL Network and you don’t have that channel.  You could technically hook up the Droid X to your TV and watch the game with Verizon’s NFL exclusive app!
  • App data backup is available on the Droid X under the privacy settings.  From what I can tell this should supposedly back up your app settings to a Google server using your Google account.  This way, if you ever blow away an app, or get a new phone, you should technically be able to use this setting to restore the data.  Early web surfing on this topic has turned up mixed results, so until I do it myself I can’t comment on how well this works, but at least it’s there without having to root.
  • Built in File Manager is nice since you don’t need to download an app for it like you do for the Incredible.
  • DLNA support for media sharing is a nice option to have on the Droid X.  Basically, any device that supports DLNA can be found using your phone and vice versa.  You can play media from various devices on your phone as well as playing phone media on those devices.  Will you use this?  Depends on how you like to manage your media, but it’s nice to have.

Droid X Cons

  • Definitely bulkier than the Incredible as far as width goes.  Carrying the device is slightly more a pain in the ass since it is wider than the Incredible.  My advice for this con – Don’t wear tight pants, guys you shouldn’t be doing this anyway!

  • Motorola UI is pretty much stock Android OS.  It definitely isn’t as user-friendly as the Incredible.  The Incredible is a much better Android phone for users that have never used the OS.  It does a great job of holding your hand from the moment you turn it on for the first time.  The Droid X almost requires a bit of Android OS know-how to get things rolling.  Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist by any means, and if you have an ounce of technical ability it’s really not that hard to get the ball rolling with the X, but the Incredible takes out most of the guess work, which is nice for your typical user.
  • Unfortunately, I’ve found out the hard way that the Froyo 2.2 upgrade has a case of the bugs in regards to the Droid X.  In my case I’m not seeing all of the acknowledged bugs from Motorola on my phone, but I have experienced some of the annoying ones.  The worst one which has only happened once so far is that music player glitch.  I guess the default music app on the Droid X can at times just stop playing music files all together, which means all of your custom ringtones, MP3’s, movies, etc., will not work until you reboot your phone.  This is definitely a boner type of a bug, but a fix is supposedly on the way.  In the mean time I suggest not using the stock Music app on the X, and just download a better one from the Market.  The other annoying bug deals with the Battery Manager, which force closes more often than not.  I kind of like seeing how my battery is being eaten up, so this one bugs me (no pun intended)
  • Motorola is kind of known for taking their time with updates, which is frustrating when you have issues like the ones above.  HTC seems to be more timely with their updates, already receiving another one since Froyo, which makes me jealous.

In my opinion, the Pros outweigh the Cons.  I absolutely love the larger and natural looking screen of the Droid X.  Webpages, apps, games, etc, all look sharper on the Droid X screen versus the Incredible.  I’m down with HD, so I like the HDMI port functionality.  I feel like the Droid X is a little snappier than the Incredible as well.  I don’t know if it does a better job of memory management or what, but it seems more efficient.  This is realized in the longer battery life of the Droid X as well.

If you’re torn between the 2 Droids I give you this advice.  Droid X is more for the true tech geek than the Incredible, because it is a little more hands on, so if you don’t want to be even slightly intimated by a Droid, go with the Incredible.  If you feel like you want better hardware and more of a true Android experience go with the X.  Please note, if you have sausage like finger, or hobbit sized hands, the Droid X may not be for you.

Overall, I’d recommend the Droid X over the Incredible after spending time with both of them.  It’s a very close race, but I just enjoy the larger hardware of the Droid X over the Droid Incredible.  On a scale I’d give the Droid X a 9/10, and the Droid Incredible an 8/10.  Like I said, you’re pretty much splitting hairs on a gnat’s ass when you try to identify the differences between these 2 awesome phones.  In my opinion, both of them trump the 4, so make the leap to the light side of the force and join the Droid life already!  You’ve been given every reason you need to buy a Droid…

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