Dubstep Fueled Saints Row 4 Trailer Features the President Kicking Ass


A new trailer for Deep Silver’s Saint’s Row IV was released earlier today, proving that the latest entry in the series will be even more over the top than ever.

‘Meet the President’ has the series’ protagonist, gangster-turned businessman-turned president taking his career of absurdity to new heights. Aside from bone-crushing takedowns, the trailer features the President using telekinetic powers to throw people into cars and walls, firing gigantic rocket launchers, and beating down aliens in an Uncle Sam inspired outfit. Even better are the shots of the President zooming around the city skies, looking something like Superman if he were dressed for a GQ photo shoot.

Saint’s Row IV is shaping up to be one of 2013’s most interesting titles. The series has never taken itself too seriously and from what we have seen so far, SRIV, plans to completely abandon any sense of reality – and while this might not work for any other series, the jumping-the-shark technique looks to be just what the franchise needs.

Saints Row 4 Meet The President Trailer [HD]


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