It’s the summer of 1988 and your mom just got you a one day rental of Duck Season in this experimental first person narrative. Dive into the mystery and work through the hidden secrets spilling out of the cursed cartridge.

In-between sessions of hunting ducks, players are encouraged to dive deeper into the lore of that fateful day by examining their surroundings and piecing together the mysterious clues that change over the in-game day. Experimental storytelling and high visual fidelity bring the day to life as you dig into and uncover the oddities surrounding the cursed Duck Season cartridge…

– Multiple new hunting game types
– Seven unique endings
– Seven Light-Gun mini games to play on your Kingbit Entertainment System
– Dozens of Easter eggs and hidden secrets 
– Realistic virtual environments 
– Multiple short films found on VHS tapes 
– Additional mysterious sub plots

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Taylor Thompson

The author Taylor Thompson

Taylor grew up in southern New Hampshire with her mother, father and younger sister. She’s currently majoring in Communications at Plymouth State University with a minor in Business Administration. Aside from working at a bakery and going to school, Taylor enjoys watching movies and playing a wide variety of video games from Pokemon to Gears of War!