Duke Nukem’s PR Team is on the Attack Over Poor Review Scores

I have yet to play Duke Nukem Forever, nor have I really cared to, but after seeing some of the reviews for this game I can safely say that it’ll be going on my rental list.  I haven’t seen a game of this nature get such low scores in a long time.  Usually games that don’t even reach a 50 on metacritic are packaged turds disguised as movie games, but DNF has been in the making for longer than most of the gamers playing it are old, so I’m flabbergasted that it’s getting lambasted in the press.

I’m talking HORRIBLE reviews!  Gamespot gave it a 3, and even the user ratings are disturbingly low on sites like Metacritic and Gamespot.  Usually the fan base will throw their support at a game that isn’t doing well with the critics, but in the case of DNF this is not happening.  Gamers seem to feel the same way about DNF as the media, which is a very disturbing trend for the game.  In fact, the game has done so awful with critics that it’s PR firm has gone on the attack via Twitter.

The Redner Group is the firm behind Duke Nukem’s PR, and after all of the abuse their game has been taking they decided to lash out at the press with a threatening tweet, which you can see below.  Essentially, Redner threatened to never work with certain members of the media again due to their harsh reactions to the game.  I found the tweet to be quite childish, and it made the DNF PR team seem like a bunch of whining kids.  I guess the thing I want to know is why no one at Gearbox, or Redner spoke up about the game’s issues before it was release?

I find it hard to believe that a studio doesn’t have an idea of how well their project will be received by the press when they release it.  How can a game universally be sh*t on without someone at the studio realizing its issues before they released it?  I have yet to play it, but I can tell you that I have even less interest in it now that I know it’s an aborted fetus of a game.  You’ve been glad that you didn’t pre-order this thing…

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