Dusk’s Launch Trailer – Retro Bloodbath

Dusk has come along at the perfect time for what it is as a game. During a time where DOOM and Wolfenstein are in their glory again, and games like Ion Maiden exist, it’s perfect timing! I can only describe it as DOOM textures wrapped around 3D models, and it’s fast, bloody, and glorious looking. The game looks to take advantage of these low-res graphics by making everything crazy fast. You’ll be sprinting, leaping, sliding around, and blowing the heads and limbs off of pretty much everything that gets in your way.

The weapons are what really grabs my attention, with a crossbow seeming to be the default weapon. There’s also a weapon that looks like it shoots giant drills, a rocket launcher, and surely a bunch of other staple weapons of 90’s shooters. Check out the launch trailer above and let us know what your favorite part is, and if you’re excited by the resurgence of 90’s-style shooters and games!

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