If you have managed to fight your way through the huge and sprawling world of Harran, then it is entirely possible that more content is something you are very much craving. The Dying Light Season Pass has you covered, and the first of three major DLC pieces will be hitting very shortly.

As of right now, Cuisine & Cargo can be downloaded from the respective stores of each platform to Season Pass holders, and includes two “extremely challenging” missions in two very different locations, each requiring a careful mix of both stealth and combat. If more Dying Light was what you wanted, then purchasing the Season Pass should more than please. An additional two DLC packs will be making their way shortly to Dying Light, stay tuned for more on both.

If the Season Pass content has not managed to hold your interest, then perhaps the games ‘Be the Zombie’ mode has. Millions are already enjoying the unique mode, but if it is something you have yet to try then take a look at the video above to see exactly what all the fuss is about, as well as pick up a few tips for slaughtering those pesky survivors.



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