Dying Light’s “The Bozak Horde” DLC Now Available

Dying Light’s latest piece of downloadable content, “The Bozak Horde,” is now available worldwide.

“The Bozak Horde” promises to be the biggest and baddest piece of Dying Light DLC yet, as players are tasked with navigating the deadly challenges of Harran Stadium.

In order to survive, players must put both their parkour and combat skills to the ultimate test, racing across the clock in attempts to set a new high score. Players will be able to compete individually or with their friends as they make a claim for the top spot on Dying Light’s worldwide leaderboards.

Outside of the exciting — and deadly — environments of “The Bozak Horde,” Dying Light’s DLC also includes a usable compound bow that embodies “silent but deadly” tenacity.

“The Bozak Horde” is available for download now for $9.99.


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