e3 2013 west hall
e3 2013 west hall

E3 2013 officially ended on June 13th, and it was one helluva show. Both Microsoft and Sony showed off their new game consoles and video games, while third-party developers touted their lineup of titles for these new machines, and the existing current-gen hardware platforms. It was an E3 full of opinions and flashy demos, which made for a satisfying and exciting experience.

E3 never falls short on providing thrilling scenes to take in, and the show floor is a wonderland of video game goodness that can make any gamer feel like a kid again. Throughout the week I did my best to capture the E3 vibe for the fans of EB using just an iPhone 5 so they could come along for the ride indie-style, and get to experience the show from my eyes.

Below you will find the entire week of E3 in amateur picture and vine-video form, so get those peepers of yours in scroll mode, because it’s time to experience E3 2013 Entertainment Buddha style!

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Day 0 – The Pressers

Monday of E3 week is all about the press conferences. Below you’ll find vines from the Microsoft, EA, and Sony press events, as well as a clip from the private Xbox 101 party held in downtown LA.









Badge Time







Xbox 101 Party



Day 1 – The Show Floor Opens

Tuesday of E3 week is the first day of the official show. This is the day that the flood gates on the LA Convention Center open. The vines below capture the first day of the E3 show floor being opened, as well as the private Forza 5 party hosted by Microsoft.

E3 Show Floor Day 1




Forza 5 Party




Day 2 – The Show Continues

By Wednesday of E3 week your body is already screaming at you for abusing it. Most of the serious press closed door meeting take place this day, and of course there’s always more parties to attend. The vines below pick up where Day 1 of the show left off, and end with a bitching party thrown by

E3 Show Floor Day 2 Party





Day 3 – The Awesome Ends

Thursday of E3 week signals the final day of the show, and a mass exodus of geeks from the downtown LA area. By this day all feeling has been sucked out of your buddy due to the pain its experience the previous three days. Regardless, it’s still a day at E3, so it ain’t that bad. The vines below wrap E3 2013 for Entertainment Buddha.

E3 Show Floor Day 3





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All vines taken by Matt Heywood for EB [Source if used elsewhere please]


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