E3 2015: Super Dungeon Bros Hands-on Preview

E3 was full AAA games to get your hands on and because of this, it’s quite possible that viewers and attendees alike might have missed out on some of the great indie games at the show. Super Dungeon Bros was one of those indie games, offering a great and enjoyable experience.

At first, Super Dungeon Bros looks like every other dungeon brawler, but it’s not. The word “bros” in the title is an indication that in this game, you will in fact actually need your “bros” to make it through the game. In Super Dungeon Bros, you will be able to play online or invite some friends over for some couch co-op gaming.

I had the chance to spend some hands-on time with Super Dungeon Bros and I am happy to report that it was an absolute blast to play. The game is a co-op experience to the max and I quickly found out that without my bros, I was not going to make it very far. There will be times where you have to pick up your bro and hurl him across the map to pull down a bridge, or other times when you can throw your bro at enemies to cause some serious damage.

Super Dungeon Bros Screenshot 9 - 2 Bros

What I enjoyed most about Super Dungeon Bros were the hilarious interactions that bros could have with each other. At one point you can hear one bro say “shwing”. That’s right folks, the bros quote Wayne’s World. In speaking with Kevin Leathers, he stated that Super Dungeon Bros is in many ways like Wayne’s World and Bill and Ted, but more Bill and Ted.

What also caught my attention in Super Dungeon Bros are the name of the bros. There is Axl, Lars, Freddie, and Ozzie. At first I did not think twice about those names, and then it hit me. The characters in Super Dungeon Bros are named after some of rock music’s biggest legends. This, of course, is fitting for a game that is influenced by some awesome brotastic movies like Wayne’s World.

To sweeten the deal, Super Dungeon Bros supports cross-platform gaming. Gone are the days of pining for someone to play with, because if your bro has the game on PC and you have it on Xbox One, you can still play together. Your bros will never be left behind with an awesome feature like that.

Call you bros and get them ready for battle because Super Dungeon Bros will be released this Winter for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and Win 10.


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