E3 2016: Skylar and Plux Hands-On Preview

From all the titles I checked out during this past E3, there were a select few that really stood out to me. One of those titles being, Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island. This title pays homage to classic platformers. As I sat down, picked up the controller, and started the game, I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. As I progressed through the demo, I felt as if the level design and gameplay were both reminiscent of Jak and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and Crash Bandicoot. With so many classic franchises getting a reboot, it makes sense for other developers to attempt the very same thing.

While nostalgia is a strong emotion to elicit amongst players, and I feel as if it’s a smart move for developers, it does leave less room for originality. Aesthetically, this game is beautiful. From the lighting to the precise environmental detail, the development team knew what they were doing. What I thought what incredible, that I learned from talking with Grip Digital, was that this game was created by five Swedish students. What continued to impress me was learning that Skylar & Plux was their first project.

Developers seemed to have been playing it safe when creating the story for S&P – a villainous mastermind sets out to destroy their home, and both Skylar and Plux have to save it. Players will take control of Skylar, while Plux seems to be more of a humorous sidekick.

While nothing about this title screamed originality, I still feel as if it’s one of the most entertaining platformers on PS4. The gameplay is far from stale, and there’s enough content to keep players interested. Overall, I definitely believe that Skylar & Plux is a good fix for those looking for a classically inspired platformer.

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