E3 2017 Update for ‘Quake Champions’ Brings Loads of New Content

Quake Champions is reviving the series in an entirely new way. The series that kickstarted the eSports scene many moons ago is now taking the stage back where it belongs. The newest game update, aptly named the E3 2017 Update, adds Wolfenstein’s lead character, B.J. Blazkowicz, to the game along with three new maps, a new weapon, and a load of new and improved features to try out. The closed beta will be kept live 24/7 from here on out, as well! Sign up now and try to get a key to play this one.

You’ll need all the practice you can get if you want to take place in the Quake World Championships at QuakeCon to try to win that sweet $1 million prize pool! Check out this awesome trailer, and keep it locked here for all of your up to date E3 news!

You can sign up to grab a code here!

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