I’m going lazy on this post folks, but it’s almost 1AM PST and I have to be up for Day 4 of my E3 experience tomorrow, so I’ve got to summarize the rest of my day of gaming paradise.  First up is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which I got to see a private demo of.  Honestly, it looks like a COD game.  Major action set pieces and insanity are the themes present in this game, so if you’ve enjoyed the last 4 modernized COD games you’ll dig BO2 as well.  Nothing felt too new about it, but the game looked very impressive.  Gazillions of gamers will buy it, there’s no doubt.

Next up in my Clif’s Notes version of E3 Day 3 is Konami’s Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.  I had no experience with this game going into my demo, but once the credits rolled I just realized that I had an amazing gameplay experience.  The focus on sword gameplay is very clear, and I’ve never played a game before that so beautifully managed to depict the dangers of swinging swords at another human.  Slowing down time and strategically slicing and dicing enemies is something that never gets old, so if you haven’t already I’d put this game on your to do list in 2013.  Revengeance has potential for all fans of gaming, but action gamers will probably take to it like flies on sh*t.

Lastly in this summary post I want to briefly discuss my hands on time with Aliens: Colonial Marines.  I got a chance to play its multiplayer mode today, and it only made me more depressed about this game’s delay into 2013.  I played the role of a marine as my squad took on a team of Xenos.  Now while I mainly got my a*s handed to me I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face while doing so.  Gearbox has nailed the look and feel of the Aliens franchise, and put a coat of polish on it that makes the movie look like a dated piece of history.

The multiplayer gameplay is very frantic, but I loved that fact that you play as either humans or aliens.  Each race has their advantages, with the Marines getting guns and other gadgets of war, while the Xenos get their raw powers we’ve all seen in the movies.  This demo is definitely one of the highlights of my E3 trip so far.

In addition to all of the great games I’ve played I also had the pleasure of covering the red carpet for the premier of noobz, which is a movie about professional gamers.  At this time I don’t have all of the red carpet footage to show off, but I will sometime in the near future.  I can tell you that this is the first time I’ve attended a red carpet movie premier, and it was surreal being in the media line while the stars of the movie made their ways through the flashes and poses to their seats.  Very cool experience, saw a few celebs, as well as some gaming celebs.  Basically it was good times USA!  I’ve included a few shots of the event below, but will have more once I have time to process it all.

Red carpet action

[nggallery id=23]

That’s that for Entertainment Buddha’s day at E3.  One more to go and it will surely yield some gaming gems just like the last two days have given up.  I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome of an experience E3 has been so far, and I’m one lucky dude for getting this opportunity.  I just wish I had a reliable connection at the show so I could keep you all up to date in a more timely fashion, but it is what it is.  I’ll just sacrifice my sleep.  It’s well worth it.  You’ve been wishing I brought a personal hotspot…


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