EA and Gameloft Running 4th of July Mega Sale on iPad Games!

Another holiday is here so that means it’s time to drop some coin on a few new HD games for your iPad!  Both EA and Gameloft are offering heavy discounts on their popular titles.  Gameloft has slashed prices on 6 of their games to $.99, while EA has literally marked down every game in their catalogue.  I’m talking Dead Space, NBA Jam, Madden, FIFA, Transformers, Mirrors Edge, and more!  You can essentially buy 28 high quality titles from EA for just $28 buckaroos (retail could be upwards of $280).  This is why I can’t help but impulse buy the living hell out of these things when the holiday sales come along.

Now that this is my 3rd holiday owning the iPad 2 I have pretty much purchased every EA game out there, and I highly recommend them all.  They’re amazing looking games, and all play very nicely on the iPad 2.  The same can be said for the Gameloft games as well, but they don’t have as many on sale for July 4th, so you won’t be able to grab all of their games on the cheap.  Although, I do recommend checking out some of the highlighted titles below from Gameloft, which do fall under the July 4th sale.  Take a look at the screenshots below and get to downloading people!  You’ve been needing a holiday without any app sales…

EA iPad Games on Sale: All titles on sale!  Open up the floodgates!



Gameloft iPad Game Sale: 6 Titles in All.  The 3 Below are Recommendations.

StarFront: Collision HD (Think Starcraft)

N.O.V.A. 2 (Think Haloish)

Dungeon Hunter 2 (Think any Dungeon Looter)


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