EA Welcomes Fe as Its First EA Originals Title

It really is easy to look at EA and consider the massive collective behind it to be the bad guys. From all the money they rake in from microtransactions and more you might even consider it a greedy company.

Despite all this, EA sure seems to want to help out the studios who are lacking the money that they need so badly. As stated by Peter Moore himself, the video game industry is a tough business. With that said it can be difficult to make yourself known when your company has no money to promote itself and its titles.

Fe looks like its medley of musical bliss and platforming action will entice and grip a variety of gamers.

EA Originals plans to rectify this by giving the smaller studios with the big idea the funds they need to create some truly magnificent products. Unravel was a fine example of EA showing that they care about innovation, and with EA Originals EA can seriously deliver it.

EA Originals clearly wants to make a stamp with unique experiences, and its first game ‘Fe‘,  by a small studio called Zoink plans to prove that.

Expect to soar across Fe's gorgeous purple skys very soon.
Expect to soar across the gorgeous skys of Fe soon.

Fe has you playing a small creature as he/she/it traverses across a very purple world where the player will discover new sounds in a very literal way throughout the journey of Fe. The unique selling point of Fe is that everything is connected through music, and so as you discover more, more of the world will open up. The world of Fe is not quite as jolly as it sounds though, since an evil force known as ‘The Silent Ones’ tries to end your journey.

With so many samey looking games, it is definitely a treat to see something a little different. Expect to here more on Fe and EA Originals in the months to follow.


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