Earthfall Gets a New Map In Early Access

Earthfall is the co-op shooter that Left 4 Dead fans didn’t know that they wanted, and now it’s getting a new map! I got to play this game last year at PAX East and it was an absolute blast, even just playing with three other strangers. I don’t really play a lot of co-op or multiplayer games in general anymore unless it’s local with friends, but hot damn this is a good one.

It’s fairly difficult too, if you don’t really work together to defend areas or help each other out in combat. Aliens will overtake you extremely powerful, and they’re pretty dang resilient to small arms fire, especially the big boys you’ll face once in a while. We’ve got some screenshots below for you to check out and feast your eyes on. Let us know if you’re a fan of the game or plan on picking it up when it gets a full release!

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