EarthNight was one of a couple of games that I got to play at the 2017 PAX East and loved a whole hell of a lot. So when I found out that it was coming back this year, I absolutely had to check it out, since I loved it last year. The hand-drawn visuals in the game are something to absolutely behold, the colors are breathtaking, and the music is catchy and upbeat. There were a handful of differences this year compared to last year, and I wanna just go over what we talked about and what I noticed myself.

Now I haven’t played this game in a year, but the controls felt a whole lot more responsive this year, that’s for sure. I only managed to squeak in one run of the game because there were a whole lot of people waiting and I didn’t want to take up their time. However, in that one run I got almost as far as I did on my sixth run the year before, and I haven’t played the game since. The visuals looked a tiny bit more polished this time around as well, and the game seemed to run better when there was a lot of stuff on the screen.

They also added a new scoring system which was pretty cool and gave the game a sort of scoreboard (and a reason to collect stuff). Everything that you collect while you’re playing gets turned into water, and then when you finish a run or die, the game tallies up all of the water that you collected. It’s related to the story of the game which I won’t give away too much but it’ll play an important part once you’ve actually learned what’s going on.

The movement options have also been changed while moving in the air which I really appreciate because sometimes when you’re in the air you feel like a sitting duck. Now you can dive forward and downward while it the air, giving you more control over where the hell you’re actually going. I really liked this and I thought it was a smart move, I saw a lot of people doing better with the game even on their first couple of runs. The game is looking even better than it was a year ago, and I thought it was great back then!

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