Easter Eggs, References, and Franchise Nods From the First 3 Episodes of ‘Star Wars Resistance’

The first three episodes of Star Wars Resistance are now available through the Disney NOW app, so naturally I binged on them like any good Star Wars fan would. I have to say that I enjoy the show so far, but it hasn’t quite grabbed me like The Clone Wars and Rebels first did, but I believe that’s because the first three episodes went heavy on setting up the new characters and the Colossus fuel station, so not a ton of time was spent on featuring plot ties to the old and new trilogies. I do believe things will pick up, and Star Wars is Star Wars after all, so I’m all in on Resistance moving forward.

Rather than just doing a basic review/recap of the first three episodes, I decided to only focus on the scenes that provided easter eggs, references, or franchise nods to the existing Star Wars properties. The pilot episode was packed with these types of treasures, but the second two were much lighter. Either way, all three featured at least one tie to the past or future Star Wars trilogies, so that’s what will be focused on in the break down below.

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Hey now Star Wars Fans, Matt Heywood here from, and I’m here to discuss the first three episodes of the new Star Wars Resistance animated series, most notably the Easter Eggs and references to other Star Wars properties that were featured in them.

If you want my quick review of the series so far, I’d say I’m digging it, but it hasn’t quite grasped me like The Clone Wars or Rebels yet. I chalk this up to setup, because so far there have only been light teases of how this show connects the original trilogy to the rise of the First Order in the newest trilogy. Either way, it’s a Filoni project, so I’m all in and have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.

Let’s get on with the first three episodes breakdown!

The first episode of Star Wars Resistance is its pilot, so it clocked in at 43 minutes, and was purely meant to establish the new characters and the colossus fueling station, which is where the show predominantly takes place.

In the opening we learn that Kaz is a New Republic pilot, and not a member of the Resistance yet, although, based on radio chatter, it’s clear that the New Republic has already started working secretly with the Resistance, because he mentions meeting up with Commander Poe Dameron.

We also meet a new First Order character called Major Vonreg, who pilots a badass looking red TIE Interceptor, which reveals for the first time that TIEs can have hyperdrives. It also made clear that Vonreg is Poe-level good at being a pilot, and that Kaz scoring a hit on him shows that he’s not just a regular New Republic pilot.

Poe takes Kaz to an old Corellian Corvette that the Resistance is using and explains its history to Kaz, who is amazed to be on a ship that participated in every major Rebel space battle beginning with the Battle of Scariff and ending with the Battle of Jakku, so we are treated to a nice tie to the original trilogy. I also believe Ello Asty, the Beastie Boys named alien pilot from The Force Awakens, make an appearance while Kaz in on this ship.

It is also revealed that the intel Kaz was carrying for the New Republic confirmed that the First Order was amassing a war machine for an attack on the New Republic, which ultimately leads to the events that take place in The Force Awakens between the two factions.

Kaz ultimately joins the Resistance at this moment and is sent to the colossus, which is a massive fueling station in an ocean that also hosts fighter races and a collection of interesting humanoids and aliens from across the galaxy. He’s sent here because Poe knows someone on the station is helping the First Order.

Kaz eventually gets himself involved in a race, which features a nice little Easter Egg for prequel fans, because the race announcer is voiced by Greg Proops, who also voiced the two-headed race announcer from the Boonta Even pod race in The Phantom Menace. It should also be noted that like Anakin, Kaz’s race starts on the wrong foot due to his ship stalling out just like Anakin’s pod racer did, so it’s another example of the kind of franchise nods you’ll see in Resistance.

The first episode ends with another direct nod to the new trilogy, when it’s revealed that the First Order threat Poe learned about from Kaz’s intel is none other than Starkiller Base.

The second episode of Resistance reverted back to the standard 22 minute runtime, so it wasn’t as packed as the first in terms of Easter Eggs and references, but it did have a few worth mentioning.

Niku, one of the main characters and Kaz’s first pal, reveals that he’s never seen a Stormtrooper, which I found to be quite interesting considering that most Star Wars characters that we’ve known have grown up in eras where clone, storm, or first order stormtroopers littered the galaxy. It was unique to hear a Star Wars character talk about growing up in the absence of stormtroopers, because he was born during an the New Republic era, and never new firsthand what it was like to live under the thumb of the empire.

The only other interesting Easter egg from this episode is the fact that a pirate named Kregan, who is revealed to be working with the First Order to find weaknesses in the Colosuss’s defenses, happens to sport Mudtrooper armor that he’s modified with some spikes on the helmet and shoulder pads.

The third episode had even less easter eggs and references to existing Star Wars properties, but it did provide at least one callback to the original and new trilogy eras. Yeager, who leads Team Fireball, definitely has a mysterious past, but in this episode a bit of it was finally revealed.

Kaz discovers that Yeager was a pilot for the Rebellion, and that he fought at the Battle of Jakku. For whatever reason, Yeager doesn’t want to talk about his past, nor does he want anything to do with the Resistance, so there’s definitely more to his story that will undoubtedly reveal why he never went on to join the Resistance, and why he’s against directly helping them out.

Elijah wood also guest stars as a racer called Rucklin, who uses Kaz for his own gain.

That’s it for my easter egg/star wars franchise references break down for the first three episodes of Star Wars Resistance. I hope to keep doing these moving forward, so stay tuned for the next video! Thanks for watching, Matt Heywood signing off for, where we make you a better geek, one post at a time.


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