We’ve done our 2014 Golden Buddha awards, our Top 10 Games of 2014, and our Top 10 Geek Movies of 2014 posts, which means it’s time to have a little fun with the end of the year award season with our Best of the Worst Game Awards for 2014.

These awards are reserved for the games, actors, publishers, developers, etc, that failed to achieve excellence in 2014, but stood out none the less for the wrong reasons. It was a rocky year for AAA launches, which is reflected in many of the categories featured below that the EB staff voted on. Some of the categories are purely fun, while others really do highlight mediocrity that shouldn’t be accepted by today’s gaming public. Head on down past the break to find out which games and/or brands took home the top honors for each shameful award.

Here’s to a better 2015!

Dumbest AI – Titanfall

Pure organized chaos

Titanfall relies on AI soldiers to flesh out its battlefields, but unfortunately they’re about as intelligent as a box of space rocks. These AI troops make for great cannon fodder, which less skilled players like myself do appreciate, but they give a false sense of accomplishment thanks to their inability to take cover, shoot straight, and be a competent grunt.

Most Jacked up Glitch – AC: Unity’s missing textures


Characters missing their skin and other textures are just two issues that were prevalent in AC: Unity during its launch, but they definitely were the most jacked up. The image of Arno missing his face has become synonymous with the game, and it can’t easily be forgotten by those gamers who have seen it or experienced it in the game.

Worst Use of a QTE – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s final boss fights


Shadow of Mordor is a kick-ass game, but it’s finale is definitely lackluster thanks to the reliance on QTEs to complete the final boss fights. Throughout the entire game the action is intense, brutal, and in your face, but during the climax all of the momentum is lost thanks to the final bosses only requiring timed button presses to take them out. It was a weak end to a strong game, but by no means is it a deal breaker.

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