Worst Voice Acting in a Game – Peter Dinklage as the Ghost in Destiny


The Dink-man is a stellar actor, just watch a few episodes of Game of Thrones, but his performance in Destiny is atrocious. Unless Bungie told him to sound monotone and unexcited at all times this thespian definitely mailed in his performance for an easy payday. Nothing sounds authentic about the Ghost in Destiny except for Peter’s obvious disdain for the role.

Worst Use of Blood and Gore – Alien: Isolation (Not enough!)


Alien: Isolation is about a deadly predator with a sword for a tail and two mouths meant for caving in skulls yet there is a surprising lack of blood and gore in the game. One would think that the kill screens would be more violent, but before the blood and guts start to fly the screen goes dark and the game reloads. Winning this award isn’t a bad thing, in fact the award itself is kind of demented, but it would have been rad to have a bit more gore in Alien: Isolation.

Best Waste of Guest Talent – Peter Dinklage as the Ghost in Destiny

Destiny Beta_20140723141110

The winner of this award should be no surprise to anyone that played video games in 2014. It’s not clear if Bungie fumbled his direction, or if Peter himself really hated the gig and just lazily voiced his way through it, but regardless his inclusion in Destiny is easily the biggest waste of non-traditional gaming talent in 2014.

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