E3 2013
E3 2013

E3 2013 will officially be upon us this Monday when the industry heavyweights give their press conferences to inform gamers across the globe of what they’ve been working on. On Tuesday the focus will shift to the actual E3 show where flashing lights and dubstep music await eager attendees. It’s no secret that the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be on most people’s to-do lists, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other treasures awaiting to be seen during the greatest week for gamers of the year. There will be plenty of awesome games and new toys to play with, so while I’m at the show I plan to hit each and every priority listed below.

The Consoles

There’s no preference in this category. Both Sony’s PS4, and Microsoft’s Xbox One our my number 1 one things to see, feel, and experience at this year’s E3. It’s been quite a long time since the industry saw some new hardware from MS and Sony, so I would be remiss in saying that I didn’t want to dive into these new devices as far as the PR reps will allow at the show.

We’ve sat through the press reveals and a heavy amount of rumors, facts, rescinded facts and promises in between, so it’s time to get some hands on action (hopefully) with these bad boys to see what all the fuss is about. Both of the consoles have been ridiculed for their presumed failings, so hopefully the show will provide a clearer picture of what each new box has to offer gamers, and if they’ll be worth picking up on their respective launch days.

Personally, I think MS has a deeper hole to dig out of than Sony does, because they’ve decided to implement some odd requirements into their Xbox One that have many gamers worried. I’m not so concerned with the all-in-one push, because I truly believe that Microsoft isn’t foolish enough to not provide a great gaming experience. The elephant in the room is the always-online requirement, well more like on at least once every 24 hours, but still, the practice will undoubtedly turn off gamers who don’t have access to broadband Internet at all times. That number is much larger than you may think for gamers living in the U.S., so it’ll be interesting to see how well the Xbox One sells at launch.

The Xbox One

Sony’s biggest mountain to climb is showing off their hardware. Their presser was more focused on games than Microsoft’s, but they also didn’t have a box to show to the world. That shouldn’t matter, but it did take same gamers by surprise back in February.

From what they’ve promised the PS4 should be a worthy addition to any entertainment center looking for a new gadget, but its ultimate success will hinge on Sony’s ability to fix the social side of their online service. The PS+ is the greatest deal in gaming, but trying to game with friends on the PS3 has been a nightmare since day one, so if this problem doesn’t get resolved with the PS4 Microsoft may be able to win back some of the more scorned fans they’ve created.

The Games


Bungie’s newest IP is number one on my list of games to see at E3. This is solely based on the few bits of information that have been released for the game, and Bungie’s track record in the industry. Everything about this title intrigues me. The MMO-ish experience seems innovative, the world looks unique, and the rumor that it may be cross platform is too juicy not to quell or confirm. There’s no doubt that this game will be special, so the Activision booth will be a memorable spot at this year’s E3.

Destiny logo

The Witcher 3

If you haven’t played CD Projekt Red’s Witcher franchise you’re missing out on a special choice-based RPG that features a cool world and an even more engaging cast of characters. It’ll be interesting to see where the developers took The Witcher 3, and if its a game that will test the limits of even the most powerful rigs. Hopefully the announcement that the game will be coming out for next-gen consoles will be made, but that’s more of a wish than fact at this point.

Batman: Arkham Origins

The sole reason to check this game out at E3 is to see if WB Montreal has been able to maintain the high-quality experience that Rocksteady set in the first two games. If they managed to pull that off then this game will be a no-brainer purchase for fans of the franchise. It’ll be cool to see a younger, less skilled Batman as well. My main interest lies in finding out if WB plans to also make it available for next-gen consoles.

Anything Vita

The PS Vita has a bad rap due to the piss poor software lineup it sported at launch, but it’s actually a pretty fantastic mobile gaming unit. I’m most interested in seeing its second screen capabilities with the PS4, but I also want to get some hands on time with any new game that Sony may be showing off at the show. If they actually dedicate some time to this little device, and give it a proper killer app, I think more gamers would be apt to picking one up.


I enjoy indie games and understand why their becoming more popular, but I’m still a sucker for a triple-A gaming experience. With that being said I still would like to stop by the Indiecade booth to check out some of the hottest games coming out in that genre. They will also have the Oculus Rift on hand, so it’d be a bonus if I could finally strap that thing to my face to see if its technology is as amazing as everyone says it is.

The Pipe Dreams

This section is solely for things I would love to see, but probably won’t because they don’t exist, or are too far out from being possibilities. It would be beyond awesome if MS showed off one of their exclusive franchises that they’ve relied on since the beginning of the Xbox brand.

Anything Halo for the Xbox One would make me smile, but I fear a sequel may be a year away, so I’m not holding my breath for a Halo 5 reveal. It also wouldn’t ruin my week if Epic announced a next-gen Gears of War title, but just like Halo 5, I think any announcement of that nature is still off on the horizon.

On the Sony front it’d be great if they revealed a new Uncharted title. That franchise is hands down one of the best of this generation, so it only makes sense to bring Drake back on the PS4. We already know that we’re getting another round of Killzone and Infamous games, so outside of those three the only other mega-PlayStation exclusive would be a God of War game, and at this point in time I think that franchise has seen better days.

killzone 4 helghan

Last but not least, I want to see some actual innovation with both console maker’s motion and voice controls. Both show promise, but until someone figures out how to make the perfect motion controlled, or interactive game, they’ll continue to be gimmicks to most gamers. If someone steps up and makes a killer Star Wars game, or an FPS that further immersed you into the game world, motion controls may not be the butt of so many bad gamer jokes during the forthcoming generation of games and consoles.


This post pretty much sums up EB’s top priorities at E3 2013. I hope you’ll come along for the ride with us, so make sure to follow @EntBuddha and @matth3ywood (me) on Twitter, because I’ll mainly be reporting through that medium during the show. Just expect a ton of tweets, pics, and vines in the EB social feeds next week, so don’t drop us just because we seem spammy ;). They’ll all be for your benefit, so make sure spend another year of E3 with the EB! Give an indie site a chance to report the news rather than the mega-outlets! Think of it as a movement, and a more personal experience.

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