Let’s face it, the best movies are geeky movies — ones that opt for the fantastical over reality — and we at Entertainment Buddha love them more than any other flavor of film. 2017 saw an influx of new geeky movies, and while not all were home runs or even average, plenty others stood out as top-notch geek affairs. We got a new Star Wars film, which was a bit more controversial than many probably expected. We got three new Marvel movies, a DC movie, and plenty of other non-comic book related films that opted for exploring imaginative topics instead of real life scenarios.

It was a packed year to say the least, so it was hard to whittle down the list of geeky films from 2017 into the five best, but that’s exactly what we did. Below you will find our top five geeky film picks from 2017, and we hope you too enjoyed some of these films. If you haven’t seen them hopefully this list will convince you to check them out, but if you’re a fan of EB, you probably already have, so if that’s the case feel free to weigh in on our choices by leaving a comment after the break.

5. Spider-Man: Homecoming

It shouldn’t have surprised anyone that Marvel’s handling of Spider-Man would be the character’s best foray into cinema to-date. After all, we saw briefly what Feige and Co. could do with the hero in Civil War, so his first standalone movie’s success wasn’t a shock at all. Plus, it officially cemented Spider-Man into the MCU, which is where he was meant to be.

Tom Holland is a great, age appropriate Peter Parker, and he also has the skills to play an awesome teenage Spider-Man. Micheal Keaton playing Vulture was also a highlight, because that dude just owns when it comes to that type of role. Too bad he gave up Batman, because he’s a natural at playing comic book roles.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The Guardians of the Galaxy returned to theaters this year for their second big screen adventure, and while it wasn’t as fresh and new feeling as the original, it was still a damn fine marvel movie full of laughs and even a few tears. For the second time in a row James Gunn has managed to turn a film about a band of misfits and miscreants doing fantastical things in the Marvel Cosmic Universe into a highly emotional affair. The scene between Yondu and Star-Lord at the end is as touching and heart wrenching as it gets, and it definitely rivals Groot’s sacrifice from the original.

We love these space assholes and can’t wait to see where they go next in Infinity War. It’ll be awesome to see how they handle other Marvel heroes and Earth if they make it that far in Infinity War. Either way, it’ll be fantastic to see the standard and cosmic Marvel Universes collide for the first time in 2018.

3. Wonder Woman

You’d be lying to yourself if you weren’t a bit worried about Wonder Woman after watching BvS. I for one didn’t find BvS to be a complete disaster, but it wasn’t a great DC film by any means, so naturally the bar was set low for subsequent DC live-action films.

Well, thanks to Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot, we were shown that a DC movie can be great. In fact, Wonder Woman could be one of the best overall origin story comic book movies to date. It was excellent from start to finish and featured a great story and characters. Wonder Woman got a huge bump in popularity thanks to this film, so it clearly worked with audiences unlike its DC movie predecessors.

2. Thor: Ragnarok

Thor 3 as we call it here at EB could very well be the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to-date. It is damn near perfect from start to finish, and outside of some suspect looking CGI, there’s not much to pick apart. The humor works on all levels, and the action is pleasing to the eye.

Having a more fleshed Hulk didn’t hurt either, because the big green guy stole more than a few scenes in the film, which is loaded with memorable moments. Thor 3 perfectly blended the Marvel cosmic universe with the traditional one that Thor has graced up until Ragnarok, and it leads perfectly into Infinity War. If it weren’t for a franchise that rhymes with car doors, then it would have taken the top spot on this list.

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Yes, we voted in the most controversial Star Wars film to date as our number one geeky film in 2017. No one saw the divisiveness of this film coming from parsecs away, because how could anyone truly hate a Star Wars film that wasn’t numbered with a 1, 2, or a 3?

Well, it happened thanks to Rian Johnson’s big risks with the story, which saw Luke Skywalker portrayed in a way that both fans and Mark Hamill himself didn’t see eye-to-eye with, as well as killing off characters that many thought had much deeper roles in this new trilogy. Others took umbrage with the humor, so the critiques are all over the place, but the same can be said for the positive comments about the film.

I for one found that by not having the plot play out the way fans wanted it to go, or how they predicted it would go, was the best and most surprising aspect of The Last Jedi. I loved it after my first screening, but also can accept those who didn’t, as long as they go about their critiques in an intelligent way. Petitions, death threats, and burning of Star Wars merchandise in reaction to The Last Jedi is way out of line, but shows how passionate Star Wars fans can get, so even if you didn’t love The Last Jedi, it deserves to be counted among the year’s best geeky films simply for how strongly it made fans feel.

I still contend that even those who hated it will come around at some point. Maybe after Episode IX concludes and the full trilogy has played out they’ll realize that TLJ had to go the way it did, but for what it’s worth we here at Team EB had enough fans of it to rank it in the top spot for 2017.

Commence with the bashing of our choices and opinions, we fully expect it!


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