Eclectic Method Creates an ‘Infinity War’ Remix Using Fight Scenes and Soundbites

It’s Friday, so why not enjoy the latest video remix by Eclectic Method! In this remix the Method used various action clips from Avengers: Infinity War to create a pretty catchy beat, which is also highlighted by soundbites from other clips featuring dialogue. There’s a drum beat to keep the rhythm going, but most of the remix’s sounds come from the video clips that were cut up to produce them.

I always appreciate these types of videos, because they essentially make music out of sounds that weren’t meant to make music. These remixes have to take a serious amount of time to create, I mean one has to find the clips, cut them up, and them edit them into a loop of sorts to create the effect. There’s definitely a high level of skill and patience required, so head on up above and give this Infinity War remix a watch and listen.


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