Economy Details for ‘Magic the Gathering Arena’ Finally Arrive

I think I speak for every online TCG player when I say that I am patiently awaiting the release of Magic the Gathering: Arena. Thankfully we did get a little more information about the game, this time, in the form of the economy. Wizards seems to have a good tactic in place when it comes to earning cards and currency. There will be different types of packs to buy with either your Gold (in-game rewarded currency) and Gems (real money purchase).

An interesting mechanic is called the Vault. After opening so many packs, you will earn progress towards opening the Vault. The results of this are still being tested but interesting Wildcards are in talks to be rewards. Of course this is all subject to change, it is also worth noting they have not added the real money purchases in the game yet, as to make sure the free-to-play section was fun first. You can check out all the info regarding the economy here and don’t forget to signup for the Closed Beta. Hear that Wizards? I want to play, so let me play.

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