Egoraptor Shows Smash as You Have Never Seen it Before

When you boot up Super Smash Bros, you likely do not consider the feelings of the digital characters who are being controlled with no say. This is completely fair though, after all, why would you? But if you stopped and thought for one second then maybe it would be clear to see that these characters want nothing more than friendship?

Egoraptor, creator of a whole series of seriously messed up videos has released a brand new video which shows a different side to Smash Bros – a musical side. You will never play the game the same way again. Scratch that, you probably will.

If you liked the video, then be sure to take a look at other weird content at the channel linked, just beware that you might be more than a little puzzled with what you witness.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U is available right now, and you should definitely buy it.


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