The thing I need to get across first of all with Octahedron, the new indie platform puzzler from solo developer Demimonde Games, is the colour.  This game is bright, like disco movie from the 80s bright; Tron on acid bright even. Neon lights form the whole environment, including your character, and they merge beautifully with the pulsing trance/house playlist that makes up the games sound.

This is a game where it would be very easy to zone out and lose hours to. In fact, if I wasn’t on a bit of a time crunch here, I might have done exactly that.

The other thing I need to tell you about Octahedron is that this is the best execution of simple gameplay I’ve seen in a long time. There is practically no need for a tutorial. You have two buttons, one lets your character jump and the other forms a platform at your feet which can travel in a straight line in either direction or just let you jump upwards before it fades away.

That’s it.

Yet from those humble beginnings you will soon find yourself racing up a vertically orientated level and overcoming some really interesting challenges. Two buttons, but they provide incredible gameplay opportunities throughout the games various levels.

If I have a criticism it’s that the dev currently has no plans to expand to couch multiplayer, preferring to focus on the single player experience. Even that only lands as a critique because this is a game I’d love to share with friends.

You can check out Octahedron yourself soon as it heads to Steam.


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