‘Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset’ Offers A Whole New Experience

It has been some years since I have actually sat down and played Elder Scrolls Online. Since playing back in 2014, a lot has changed. Massive updates have changed the landscape of the game, some for better and some for worse. Most importantly, the same has seen one major expansion come in go in the form of Morrowind. We are now about to receive the next big expansion into the Elder Scrolls Online universe, Summerset. Summerset is set to include tons of new content like a whole new zone, the island of Summerset, a new skill line, jewel crafting and more! I was lucky enough to be able to be chosen to be in the beta test for the upcoming expansion. I see this as a way for basically a new player, to jump into the new content and see how I fair.

A new adventure awaits in Summerset

I created my Breton character, chose my class and then ventured out to the test server. Being a test server, I was granted max level to test out everything that was there. Being relatively fresh to the game, I had to take some time to go over my skills and equipment to make sure I was doing everything correctly. There was a nifty little tool that had different suggested builds for each class, which is great for helping new players find their place in the world. Summerset is the ancestral home of the High Elves, the very magic-inclined race in the Elder Scrolls universe. The island itself was beautiful, I stuck mostly around the beginning areas just exploring and soaking everything in. The buildings are very regal in design and have that elvish feel to them. Before picking up any quests, I decided to see what creatures lay before me in this new land.

Two of the main characters you’ll adventure with.


Having played Elder Scrolls games for a very long time, it was nice to see some unfamiliar creatures in the game. This was a nice addition than seeing Daedroths and Mudcrabs everywhere. What I’ve always appreciated about the Elder Scrolls Online structure was how their quests are put together. During the side quests, I was able to complete, I felt like I was affecting the world. Each one had its own little mini-story to tell. Questing and exploring was most of my experience so far in the test server. I don’t know anyone else that plays the game so trying to get an effective group together for dungeons or trials was difficult. I did try to use the in-game dungeon finder during my last play session, but it never picked up a group to put me in.

New creatures await you in Summerset.

The size of the first area was large which is welcome seeing as how there are something like six or so areas to visit in this expansion. From what I can tell, this expansion is going to be great. This makes me want to pick up the Morrowind expansion and play through that before Summerset officially launches in June. The beautiful thing about this game is that no matter if you’re just starting out or are already max level, you can play with anyone since the One Tamriel update. I can 100% say that if you are a fan of this game or are even starting out, picking up the Summerset expansion would be in your best interest. It has been a nightly thing for me and has been taking up a lot of my time. Remember, this is from a new player perspective essentially, and I have been hooked. I am looking forward to trying out all of the features there are to offer in Summerset, so back to the beta I go!

Preview statement: The code to get into the test was supplied by the developer for the sake of this preview.

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