For anyone that knows me, they know that I love a good MMORPG. When Elder Scrolls Online first released many years ago, I signed up for a subscription and went to work. Unfortunately, for me, it didn’t hold a candle to many of the other games I was playing at the time. Boy am I glad that to say that that statement doesn’t apply whatsoever to his new expansion. If you’re keeping track, you’ll know I was able to preview this expansion during it’s testing phase. Thankfully, there were some things I was able to do in the full version of the game that I wasn’t able to do during the testing phase.

If you haven’t already read my preview, you can find that here for preface for this review. For the sake of this review, I chose to make a whole new character. In receiving the Summerset Chapter, I was also given the Morrowind Chapter. I started a Warden class and set off on my journey in Summerset. Since it has been awhile that I’ve played the game, bar the testing phase, I tried out the new tutorial level. Compared to the original tutorial level, the new one that was introduced in Summerset is really easygoing and does a great job of explaining how to play.

As I stated before, I wasn’t able to get into a group to challenge the new delves on the island. When I was playing it, I forgot that you can play most of this game by yourself. I was able to get into some of the new delves both by myself and with small groups. For these being my first batch of group content in Elder Scrolls Online, I had loads of fun doing it. Group composition seemed ever important as the typical group makeup was present. A tank, some sort of healer and damage dealers, which each class can spec in to if they do so choose. To me, the best content in Summerset wasn’t the group content, but the new story and skill line that were brought with it.

I wasn’t able to talk about the major quest-line during the preview period, which is unfortunate because it is pretty great. During my time in Summerset, so far I have focused on trying to get through the main quest line, starting with the Queen’s Decree. During this line you are treated to some familiar faces as well as some welcomed new arrivals. I won’t go into too much detail as far as the quests are concerned but, I would definitely go through this line as soon as you get the game. Elder Scrolls Online has always had a superior questing system than most other MMO’s. The side quests that I completed in this Chapter so far have all made me feel like I actually accomplished something, aside from just killing 8 spiders and finding 12 tufts of hair. You can do all of these quests by yourself, which is instantly reminiscent of other Elder Scrolls games.

Following the main quest will introduce you to the Psijic Order. Following the Psijic Order will unlock their quest-line as well as their skill line for your character. This new skill line offers a set of new abilities you can use, as well as full morphs for each skill, passives and it’s own ultimate move. Not only do you get an awesome new set of skills, but you can complete the Psijic Order quest-line for special pieces of gear amongst other rewards. After finally being able to add these skills to my lineup, I enjoyed my Warden/time control skill mix. Come to think of it, there weren’t many negative things I could say about this new Chapter so far. I’ve not got to try out the new Trial yet due to not knowing 11 others. The only things I could think of are nitpicky, like not having more than five skills on my bar and stiff animations/clunky combat at times. Other than that, I am excited for the rest of this chapter and excited for what else Zenimax Online has to offer with this title!

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'Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset' Review Summary

Story - 9
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8
Entertainment Value - 9



Even if you are a long time player of the game, or just starting your first adventure, Summerset is a welcome Chapter to the game. Plenty of new content, as well as a welcome tutorial zone, keeps the game fresh and welcoming. Small negative things don't hinder the overall experience that Summerset brings.

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