At this year’s E3 I spent a lot of time meeting with Indie developers, or developers from non-AAA studios, and I have to say I saw a few potential gems. One of these gems is Elex, which is a third person action RPG in the vein of Skyrim with a setting more in tune with a Fallout title.

The game is set on Magalan, which looks very much like Earth if we manage to self destruct ourselves and take us back into the dark ages. Instead of a nuclear war, Magalan gets struck by a meteor containing an element called elex. This element essentially creates a new world economy while also changing humans into Vulcan-like logical beings who are husks of their former selves. This only happens if you choose to consume the element, which can also be used as a power source.

You begin the game as a wanderer type and eventually must join one of the game’s three main factions. These include the Berserkers, the Outlaws, and the Clerics, which all have unique communities, armor, weapons, and approaches to elex use. Your overall experience in Elex will be dictated by which faction you ultimately join, as well as how you interact with NPCs through dialogue or acts of force.

Players can approach the game as they see fit. The demo I saw took place shortly after the introduction section of the game’s opening, and it was explained to me that the player could bypass the first NPC you find who is meant to progress the story a bit, or could choose to follow them. The developers really stressed how important choice is in Elex. You can shape nearly all aspects of your experience based on how you see fit. You can kill every quest giver in the game except for those who push along the main narrative, so no two players will ever have the same experience in Elex.

The open approach that Elex is embracing is further showcased in the ability to choose a hard approach, or the more typical approach to missions. If you opt for the harder path, you will get better loot, so again choice is key in this game. All quests are non-linear, so events can and will change based on how you act within the game world. You also have the freedom to tweak your character through traditional RPG ability trees, as well as learning points that can be used to learn new skills like hunting.

The game world itself is quite beautiful to behold and massive. There are no invisible walls, so everything you can see on screen and in the distance can be traveled to and traversed. Best of all, you get a jetpack, which allows you to get around the map regardless of the terrain facing you. This also adds to the game’s contrasting imagery such as the Berserker class, which look like old school vikings with jetpacks, which is more awesome looking than it sounds.

When Elex eventually launches it looks to offer a very deep action RPG experience. It has 300,000 lines of dialogue, so all characters are voiced, and the main campaign alone is about 80 hours long. I really loved the look of the world, and the completely unique styles for all three of the factions. I do believe Elex will offer an enjoyable tale that is different in every sense of the word for those who take on its challenges thanks to the demo I was treated to. I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on it, and I encourage others to follow its path towards release, because it has potential to be a memorable gaming experience if it fulfills the aspirations of its creators.


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