Elin Going For the Juggular: Wants $750 Million!!

You know what, I’ll be the first one to admit I feel horrible for what happened to Elin, and Tiger did a horrible thing to her.  But I can’t support her decision to go for $750 mil.  I may take some bashing here, but I don’t get why women deserve half of what a man has when it comes time to get divorced.  I think its horseshit, and a law that needs to be changed.  What has she done in their short marriage to warrant that type of a payout?

True, she probably had her heart ripped out over all of Tiger’s antics, but that doesn’t mean she deserves that much money.  Tiger provided the life they had because of his hard work and skill at hitting a little white ball.  He is a scuzzball, but that doesn’t warrant a near billion dollar divorce settlement.  If women want equality then why do they feel like they deserve half of a man’s salary?  Considering most wives of high-powered men just sit at home and enjoy the wealth, I don’t get how they deserve half of the dude’s earnings.

I don’t get it, but that’s the American way!  I hope she gets her due and is able to live the life she had, but she’s asking way too much.  It’s not like she can’t syphon off of Sam and Charlie’s alimony payments.  You know Tiger will have to pay her a monthly six-figure income until they both hit 18 anyway, so why does she need $750 mil?  This is going to be an ugly divorce.  Tiger, say-goodbye to the 2010 season bro it’s over now.  You’ve been potentially offended by the E.B.

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