Elrond’s Majestic Rivendell Gets Lego-ized


Tolkien’s The Hobbit and the Lord of The Rings Trilogy are books of a huge scale and great detail. Most people flocked to the theater to see Peter Jackson bring both of these sagas to life on the big screen. Jackson got most of the visual details right based on Tolkien’s descriptions, and one of the most memorable looking locations from his movies is Rivendell, the last home of the elves on Middle-earth. With the level of fandom that Jackson’s movies contained, it would only be a matter of time before someone in the Lego universe attempted to bring Rivendell to life.

Alice Finch is that someone that felt it was the appropriate time to make that magic trick happen. Finch is also the creator of Lego Hogwarts, but this time around she’s teamed up with fellow builder, David Frank, to bring Rivendell to life.

If you want to get a little background information on Finch and Frank then check out an interview they did for The Brothers Brick. They go on to explain why 2013 was the year that they would focus on building Rivendell. This massive set is comprised of 200,000 pieces. It’s obvious to see that there is no way that one person could build all of that.

Head on down below to check out some images of Rivendell which are seen in The Hobbit and LOTR. Be sure to head on over to Finch’s Flickr page to see the set in its entirety. Also head on over to Frank’s Flickr page to check out the set in progress.







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