Emilia Clarke Opens Up About the Shadowy Qi’ra and Her Early Ties to Han Solo in ‘Solo’

In between filming the final season of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke talked with EW about her role in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The actress revealed a few insights into her Solo character Qi’ra, who we now know has been involved with Han Solo since his childhood. She also revealed that Qi’ra is a shadowy figure that fans will not be able to nail down what her true motivations ever are, and that she’s just another major person from Han’s young life that shapes him into the lovable rogue we meet in A New Hope.

One of the bigger revelations, which is one we focused on in a recent episode of Star Wars Time, is that Qi’ra and Han have been pals since childhood. Emilia explained their relationship to EW by saying:

“Well, they grew up as comrades, essentially. They grew up as pals, as partners in crime. There is obviously the romantic side of things. But they grew up together. So they were kids together. And the beautiful thing about this Han Solo story is it’s highlighting all of the most brilliant aspects of Han Solo the character and characterizing those aspects in characters that he meets on his journey to becoming who he is.”

Later on in the interview she expands upon Qi’ra and Han and their relationship by explaining a bit of what we saw in the trailers. She said:

“The point where you meet her, she is with Han. They are both doing what they’ve got to do to survive. And that is Qi’ra the whole the movie. The whole way through, she is surviving. And surviving in the underworld that we know to be [filled with] smuggling, aloof gamblers, wrong-side-of-the-tracks nasty ones. It was beautiful they touched on it very briefly [in The Last Jedi] when they are at the racetracks. Do you remember and they were talking about what that world is?”

I’m glad we got this cleared up, because I was wondering if they have known each other for years based on how the trailer was edited, so it’s good to know that Qi’ra is indeed a lifelong acquaintance of Han. It also sets up Qi’ra as being someone who only cares about herself in the end, which is another major character trait of Han’s when we first meet him.

Clarke went on to highlight how her character and the others in the film will ultimately shape who Han becomes by the time we meet him in the first Skywalker Star Wars film. She said:

“That’s kind of the story, really. You are seeing all of these different elements that make up who he is through the people and the interactions and the relationships just as we all do as human beings. We are simply the embodiment of our experiences, essentially.”

“You see the beginnings of him, this loveable rogue. You get it fine-tuned throughout these relationships, and Qi’ra is one of those relationships that has an impact on him as a character. I mean, hopefully [laughs] — if I have done my job. And within that relationship, the thing that that you see with Qi’ra is that she an enigma.”

This summary makes complete sense, so like Clarke, I hope we as audience members can see how her character, Lando, Beckett, and maybe even L3-37 help shape Han into the scruffy looking nerfherder we know him to be. Emilia also admitted that the fact that we know how Han ends up kind of leaves her character with a defined arc, which she hints could mean that Qi’ra will do something to Han, or possibly he will lose her, which causes pain or hurt so great that Han never talks about her again. Emilia summed these sentiments up by saying:

“She is a little bit of a tough one to get a hold of, really. There is this underlying joy in an origin story because you know where they end up. And Qi’ra is nowhere to be seen, so … something has happened! [Laughs] You know what I mean?”

“Something must happened to affect him as a person, but for us fans not to know about her. Twists happen, and there is this great idea of trust — and who do you trust and how do you trust? And which side of the tracks are either character from — or going to?”

I now feel like that she may not die and affect Han that way, so I think she may betray him hardcore to the point where the hurt from the betrayal is too much for him so he just blocks her out of his mind and puts up barriers to prevent that type of hurt from happening ever again. It’s probably one of the reasons why he has a problem becoming part of the team in A New Hope.

You can read the full interview over on EW. Stay tuned for more Solo details as they become available.


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