‘Empire Strikes Back’ Director Dies at 87

Arguably the best movie in the Star Wars franchise, ‘The Empire Strikes Back”, has lost its director in Irvin Kershner to old age and illness.  Kershner is a legend amongst the Star Wars geeks for his contribution to the franchise with his go around in the director’s chair for ESB.  It’s a shame that George Lucas didn’t let this guy direct the prequel trilogy, because maybe Kersh could have brought some of his Empire magic to these crap fests.

One of Kershner’s favorite moments from working on ESB is the scene where Han Solo responds to Leia’s professed love with a simple, yet Han Solo like, “I know.”  This is one of the scenes where he let the actor interject some personality into a dry Sci-Fi script.  I’m pretty sure Kershner’s face was used as a base for the Yoda puppets as well.  Irvin was also known for his directing turns on the Bond film ‘Never Say Never Again’, and ‘Robocop 2’.  You’ve lost someone special in the Star Wars Universe…

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