Endless Mission & Beyond Blue Preview – PAX East 2019

I had the chance to check out tons of games while I was at PAX East this year, and Endless Mission and Beyond Blue were two great ones.

The first game that I played was Beyond Blue, which is a super-relaxing underwater expedition. You scuba dive around various spots in the ocean to research and observe all kinds of aquatic wildlife. The graphics look great, which is really half the battle when it comes to games like this. The sound is calming and relaxing as well, and the ten minute demo that I played went by in an instant. Simply swimming around from point to point, through beautiful underwater playgrounds, observing whales, dolphins and sharks was so cozy and fun.

The game was merely a trailer when I saw it at E3 in 2018, so to actually get my hands on it and play it this time was a pleasant surprise! It’s much more realistic-looking than something like Abzu, but I had a great time nonetheless, and I’m excited to check it out when it arrives!

Sometime this year, that is, no definitive release date yet.

The other game I got to check out at the same booth was Endless Mission, which I also got to check out at E3 2018. This game was quite a bit different than the last time I checked it out, and for the better, I think. Before, you sorta made your own game by combining features of a bunch of pre-made assets. You could make a platformer within a minecraft-esque world where you control a car from a racing game. It was a kinda cool idea, mixing and matching a bunch of different games, but it’s got a little more structure now.

I only got to check out a small, tiny little portion of the game, but what I got to see was promising. Now, rather than just mixing and matching different parts of different games and fiddling around in them, there’s some semblance of a single player campaign. The part that I got to play was once again in a Minecraft-type world, and in a first-person perspective. Now, however, you can warp and control the game code, and manipulate almost any object around you with spells of sorts. You can shrink down enemy character models, decrease their maximum health, make them bigger, or whatever you want!

Something I really liked about this was that when you learn new techniques, it actually shows you the line of code that it uses! This is pretty nifty for novice programmers, because you’ll be allowed to rewrite that code in the full game, and basically turn it into whatever you want! It’s like LittleBigPlanet but with infinite options as to what you want to do with the game!

Both of these games were a blast to check out, and I’m exited to check them out when they come around!

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