The Game Boy just recently turned 25. It was the premier handheld system that enjoyed a lifespan of over 10 years and hundreds of classic games. Two brothers from the Netherlands have created a Kickstarter project that will modify your Game Boy to output in full 1080p so players can experience or re-experience games like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Pokémon, and Super Mario Land in high-definition using their upgrade, the hdmyboy!


The unit works as an upgrade to a Game Boy that is inserted between the two halves of the handheld. After some assembly, the modified Game Boy will output in full HD up to 1080p but also supports 720p along with outputting in scale (4:3) or stretch (16:9) ratios. The hdmyboy also comes with a replica NES controller that stretches up to 10 feet in length, allowing the modified Game Boy to act as a console rather than a handheld with sharper output.


Unlike other passion projects to upgrade the experience of other retro systems, the hdmyboy is a hardware upgrade not an emulator. If the game plays on an original model Game Boy (DMG-01) you can play it with the hdmyboy. All that is required is around 10 minutes, taking apart the Game Boy, placing this upgrade between the two halves, and reconnecting the output cables.

The brothers have already gone through rigorous testing and have created many prototypes for this awesome enhancement to one of the best systems ever. Reaching their monetary goal on Kickstarter will help them create these babies in mass quantities so more people can enjoy their Game Boys in high definition!


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