Enter the Dragon Theme Techno Remix Featuring the Master Himself

Bruce Lee is a legend whose time was cut short, and I can promise you that if he wasn’t mysteriously killed we’d be talking about him as one of the biggest bada*ses on the planet, and not Chuck Norris’ PG-13 a*s.  The eclectic method have masterfully remix the main theme song from Lee’s Enter the Dragon epic, and set it to scenes from the film that have been mixed as if they were produced by a techno DJ.  I absolutely enjoyed their homage to Lee, and the mixed video is a thing of beauty.  The art of mixing video to make music has become a very intriguing medium to me, and this Enter the Dragon Remix is probably the best one I’ve seen to date.  Check it out below Daniel Son, oops wrong movie.  You’ve been wishing Bruce Lee knocked some sense into Chuck Norris when he had the chance…

Enter The Dragon Remix (EM)

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