Entertainment Buddha-cast NFL Special: “No Punt Intended” Ep. 12

Week 11 had some crazy games. The Bengals beat the Saints IN New Orleans, the Eagles got demolished by the Packers at Lambeau, and the Rams beat the Broncos wherever it was they played. Eli Manning threw 5 INTs as the Giants handed the game to the 49ers. My favorite text of the day was from my buddy who calmly (and sarcastically) stated: “Eli is playing well”.

Our pick results for last week were tepid with Justing going 6-8 and yours truly hitting the even stevens mark at 7-7. My Cincy and Tampa picks ended being my “feel good” picks after the week concluded. Though the way my beloved Eagles played there wasn’t much that could be done to console me, but I digress.

On this week’s podcast we discuss week 11, including Justin’s thrillers  and chillers, and whether or not fantasy thriller Jonas Gray will see many carries this week. You just never know what Belichick is going to do with his running backs. We also pick our favorite games to watch, highlighting the NFC West matchup of Seattle and Arizona.

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