Entertainment Buddha-cast NFL Special “No Punt Intended” Ep. 14

Somehow we’re entering week 14 of the NFL season, and EB Chief Matt Heywood’s Steelers rants are getting progressively more explicit to the point where we might have to hire a chat moderator.

While we were hoping for a lucky week 13 regarding our picks, it failed to come to fruition for both Justin and myself as Justin hit the 5-11 mark and yours truly floundered at 4-12. We’re getting to the time of year where teams without playoff hopes decide to figure things out against playoff-bound teams strictly for the purposes of screwing up weekly picks. It makes things interesting for the teams on the brink, but I’ve had enough stress this year picking games, so let’s get it together.

This week Justin and I play a fun game of “Guess The Division Winners And Their Current Odds”, because it’s week 14 and these things are important. We also discuss the resurgence of the Chargers and their tough road ahead, and how the Cardinals have entered a tailspin. Yesterday on SportsCenter was a headline I never thought I would see: “Cardinals offense struggles without Carson Palmer.” Here we were thinking Drew Stanton wasn’t THAT much of a drop-off, though it doesn’t help that injuries are catching up to them.

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