Entertainment Buddha-cast NFL Special “No Punt Intended” Ep. 15

We’re quickly approaching the end of the football season, and somehow the typical Dallas spiral symbiote has detached itself from the Cowboys and found its way to me. The last couple weeks have not been kind to my picks. I went a paltry 6-9-1 while Justin hit the double digit win mark going 10-5-1. There’s three weeks left in the regular season, and this is when it counts. When you buckle the chin strap and tighten the laces of your cleats, and make a switch to a rookie QB while you’re team is still in the playoff picture. I mean, that usually works out, right? Guess the Browns will find out.

There’s plenty of games to be excited about, lots of division rivals to finish out the season, especially in tough divisions like the AFC North and NFC West, and the, um, NFC South I guess. It feels weird calling a division that has every team under .500 a “tough” division. Tough amongst each other is probably a more appropriate statement. I mean, it’s just bad. Seattle has a shot to win the division with the battered Cardinals stumbling toward the finish line, and the NFC East is all knotted up with the Eagles and Cowboys meeting this weekend in Philadelphia.

Justin also learns what a reverse teaser is and is extremely excited. I mean, new comic book day excited.


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