Entertainment Buddha-cast NFL Special “No Punt Intended” Ep. 16

Week 16 starts off with two of the worst teams who happen to be in the same division that isn’t the NFC South. That’s right folks, your Thursday night football matchup is the 2-12 Titans against the 2-12 Jaguars. Feel free to use Thursday night to spend with your loved ones since Saturday offers two better NFL games before Sunday’s marquee matchups. Neither team has any motivation to win at this point, as they’re currently tied with each other (along with the Bucs and Raiders) for worst record/first draft pick rights. Logic says one of these teams should win, but we’ve already had one tie this year so…

As for a better slate of games, we have Philly and Washington playing Saturday, followed by San Diego and San Francisco. Is San Francisco done? Will Jim Harbaugh end his tenure with the 49ers in a meekly manner, or will the plane crash into the mountain? Find out over the next two weeks on As The NFL Turns.

As for our picks, Justin has continued his hot streak, going 11-3-2 while yours truly went a tepid 6-8-2. Man, Justin is on fire right now. I hope that my repeating this doesn’t jinx him, but man, he’s on fire with his picks. He’s so on fire I’m going to start calling him Ghost Rider. I mean, just straight FIRE. Good luck this week pal!

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