What a strange season it has been. The Saints sucked, the Niners fell apart, Dallas didn’t spiral out of control, and the Raiders weren’t the worst team in the league (congrats Tampa!). We saw quite a few teams having to reach into the depths of their roster (or free agency) to find a starting QB. I mean, seriously, we had the Cardinals (Lindley/Thomas), Texans (Savage/Keenum), and the Browns (Connor Shaw) forced to use a third or fourth string QB to start a game this year.

On the podcast we review which coaches got the axe on Black Monday, Ndomakung Suh’s suspension (which has since been reversed because he claimed his “foot was numb”), and of course our picks for WILD CARD weekend. I’m using all caps because Justin likes exclaiming WILD CARD. Our picks last week were mediocre, with Justin going 9-7 and yours truly going 7-9. Justin also discusses how he lost out on a teaser because his Internet fouled up and he thought it was a sign that he shouldn’t proceed with the bet. Turns out he misread that as badly as Manziel misreads his receiver’s routes.

So now we say farewell to the 2014 regular season, and ring in the NFL’s second season this weekend with games being played by highly-touted, highly-talented, highly-winning teams…wait, I forgot about the Panthers. Highly-surprising? Highly-lucky? I don’t know, somehow they won the NFC South with 7 wins and they get the faltering Cardinals in round one. Has Carolina hit the hot streak? Place your bets, folks, the playoffs are here!


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